Posted by: Pete | December 8, 2010

Lib Dems – Don’t do it!

The Liberal Democrats shouldn’t be bullied into dishonouring their commitments.

If they do, they will set their party’s electoral hopes back at least 20 years. They will also deprive young people from a full education and starve future industry from a well educated workforce.

You can’t, on one hand, blame a recession on too much debt and then, on the other, encourage young people to start their careers with £30,000 of it!

Many of you guys know me and know I once supported the LibDems and I feel it’s a great shame if they can no longer be trusted. I would never vote for anyone who made a pledge and then broke it.

No money for education? Where is the money for super fast broadband coming from, where will the money for a new rail network come from? This isn’t about the lack of money, it’s about how you spend what little money you have.

Fortunately, the Prime Minister figured there was enough to spend on a private photographer. 🙂

It’s about ideology not economics so don’t be duped!


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