Posted by: Pete | November 25, 2010

The Causeway is finally uncovered!

This week sees not just my 60th birthday, which has been great, but the release of my latest book. The Causeway!

Lihou Island Causeway, photo by Sam Lihou

The Causeway at Lihou Island

This is the sequel to Rachel’s Shoe and is best read after it (although it does ‘stand alone’ if you prefer). For those of you who purchased and hopefully enjoyed Rachel’s shoe, I hope you will also enjoy this book. It’s set mostly in the islands again and has a twist that I hope will surprise and delight you.

You can buy it in paperback or Kindle eBook format from Amazon in the UK or US now and from further distribution outlets later. Follow the link below for The Causeway and 8 other great titles (including Passage to Redemption).

The Causeway brings Rachel’s story to an end but next year a new title …


… will be released which I hope will more than tickle your fancy!
(It’s OK for old folks like me to use such expressions 🙂 )



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