Posted by: Pete | December 13, 2010

A million to spend before Christmas!

Thanks to Crazy Frankenstein for Image

If I read the above title my immediate thought would be ‘a million pounds, lucky bloke!’ But most of us have a something worth more than £1m, dollars, or whatever your currency. We’ve got a million moments – about 12 days of being alive – and actually money would be pretty useless without them.

Hopefully, we’ve got a lot more than a million but sometimes I think it’s useful to take stock and just remember how lucky we are and just how incredible life is. Not only do we exist, but we know we do, not only do we know it but we can even consider and discuss our existence with others. It could all be some primordial soup with nothing of intelligence existing, but it isn’t. Somehow we came to be here and whether it’s because of a God or a sequence of incredible coincidences, it’s amazing. We’re amazing.

If you didn’t exist, yet somehow transcended out of oblivion, one second of being alive, one moment, would be more valuable than all the material riches on this planet. We have millions of these moments and we have the universe in which to spend them.

It’s a good day to savour them.

Happy Christmas or happy whatever your festival of life might be.


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