Posted by: Pete | October 3, 2014

Why shouldn’t Prisoners have a vote?

David Cameron states that part of his justification for Britain withdrawing from the European Convention on Human Rights is the right for prisoners to have a vote.

This is a perfect example of why we should stay in. His individual judgement is highly subjective and we would do better to listen the wisdom of others.

The purpose of prison is to protect society from offenders and punish inmates for their wrong doing. But the former is surely the greater goal, our aim should be to prevent re-offending, unless we intend to keep all prisoners locked up for life.

Part of the process to reduce re-offending is to try to integrate prisoners back into society, not alienate them further from it. By withholding their right to vote, we’re simply pushing them further away and making it more likely they will continue to re-offend on release.


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