Posted by: Pete | August 1, 2015

A Beautiful Day Sailing in the Sound

Plymouth is an amazing city, parts of it are in dire need of some TLC but when you know how devastated it was in WW2 that somehow sits more comfortably. It was on the front line as a naval base and was badly wounded. But the regeneration is finally transforming the city to its former glory.

I never imagined myself returning to city life all those years after leaving London but then this is no ordinary city. The marketeers call it the ‘Ocean City’ and when you look out over the Sound, it is truly spectacular.2015-07-31 13.07.50

Dolphins and seals are regular visitors and even a whale was seen nearby the other day. Mount Edgcumbe Country Park provides a splendid green contrast to the waters edge and with anchorages at Kingsand and Newton Ferrers less than an hours sail, we’re spoiled for choice.

2015-07-31 14.09.34I took this shot of the ‘other side’ of the Mewstone yesterday. Note the tiny stone hut – I wonder what its story is!

Sitara and I were a little late back for dinner because, frankly, I couldn’t tear myself away from such a beautiful days sail. Although I did try to blame a temporary drop in the wind. 🙂

This soon picked up and she steamed back through the Sound reaching an impressive 6+ knots at one point where the tide flows near Drake’s Island.

2015-07-31 13.08.10

It’s very tempting to just keep going out to sea and visit Guernsey and the islands again or turn the helm a bit to starboard and head across the Atlantic.

But this will do me fine!


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