Posted by: Pete | October 26, 2010

The sequel to Rachel’s Shoe is written!

Lihou Island

The Causeway

The story continues but with a major twist and new characters alongside those you met in Rachel’s Shoe.

Set once again in the Channel Islands, and with more than a passing reference to the island that shares my name, The Causeway finally resolves the question of what happened to the villain at the end of Rachel’s Shoe. I hope you agree, once you have read it, that this was by no means a predictable outcome.

The completed manuscript of this latest novella is now being edited and will be available to buy in November from and That’s right, just in time for Christmas!

I very much hope you enjoy this latest tale and the interplay between the characters.

Now onwards and upwards! Whilst the publishing process moves this title onto the shelves, the next is already under way.  It’s a comedy with some very unusual characters – watch this space !


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