Posted by: Pete | November 3, 2010

Students Fees

Student fees

It'll take more than apple to secure equal education

University tuition fees treble and the Government has the cheek to say poorer students will be better off!

So you’re better off starting out in life with a £27,000 debt are you? I thought debt was the reason this country was in this mess it’s in. You know, borrowing huge amounts of money for something that is worth less than the paper value. Negative equity is as real in the degree market as it is in housing. Off course rich kids won’t have this debt because mummy and daddy will pay it.

So the new Government will try to restore the old balance where higher education is for the wealthy, so they can get the plumb jobs, and society can be divided the way they always wanted it to be. After all where will the factory fodder of tomorrow come from if everyone has a proper education?

Next stop, the NHS.

There are alternatives but the political dogma of this Government won’t allow them to be considered.


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