Posted by: Pete | September 4, 2011

Perpetual motion?

Now here’s a thing, imagine you got a Stirling Engine and sunk the ‘hot’ end underground where there is a constant source of heat energy ….

Stirling Engine, Courtesy Wikipedia

….would you have a perpetual motion machine?

Or at least near enough to provide some useful domestic electrical energy?

The two technologies employed would be the engine, which  uses a small amount of external heat to expand a gas (could be air) and drive a piston, and the same principle that is used in ground source heat pumps. They work by utilising the latent heat embedded just below the surface all over our planet.

Both technologies are so widely accepted, they now attract UK Government Feed in tariffs, so how about using them together?

Zero greenhouse gases, zero emissions of any kind, zero fuel cost, scalable up or down, low production costs.

I wish I’d thought of this whilst we were writing ‘Passage to Redemption’, it might be a best seller by now!



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