Posted by: Pete | January 27, 2014

Londoners Outraged at Proposals to Develop Hyde Park

Londoners Outraged at Proposals to Develop Hyde Park

Suggestions from a right wing think tank that London’s famous parks could be sold off to pay the National Debt have been strenuously denied although sources close to David Cameron hint that he may favour the idea.

hpUnder the proposals, the sale of Hyde Park to foreign developers could raise enough money to pay off the £1.7 trillion pounds National Debt and if St James’s Park were also developed into offices, the surplus would add billions to the profits of the construction industry.

The think tank also floated the idea that Buckingham Palace might be developed and the historical buildings in Downing Street and Parliament Square should be considered as sources of potential profit for industry. Think tank ‘Right for Britain’ spokesperson Faisal Aziz commented on the proposals.

“It’s time for Londoners to do their bit to help reduce the deficit. For too long, London and the South East have been immune to the most severe impacts of the recession whilst the rest of the country has accepted the needs of industry, often at the cost of historic landscapes and buildings. These proposals demonstrate that the PM is not only prepared to ‘dump’ on everyone else’s doorstep, he’s also prepared to give up the prestigious offices at Number 10 Downing Street and move to a more practical and secure location, muted potentially as Slough or Milton downing streetKeynes.”

Critics point out that profits in the construction industry would almost certainly go overseas and that once you have dug up and built upon our national heritage, you can’t simply put it back. However, the evidence that the PM supports the initiative is compelling as a leaked conversation from the cabinet office revealed.

“Oh, come off it George, nobody will care about a few ducks and swans once they get some money in their pockets and if we tell them it’s a necessary austerity measure, they’ll believe anything.”

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