Posted by: Pete | March 26, 2013

Search & Rescue service needs our courage!

They’re already destroying the Coastguard, now they want to hand over our vital search and rescue service to a US company and pay billions for this ideological nonsense.

The move will devastate the local economy in Helston and cripple tourism at the intended new site in Newquay.

We’ve seen how previous privatisations have resulted in a dysfunctional rail network and basic local utilities being supplied by foreign companies miles away. We’ve seen prisoners escaping from privatised security and we’ve seen a raft of daft, nonsense from the vast majority of privatisation. Who has benefitted? Not taxpayers or service users, not employees, only the shareholders in these businesses.

The coalition is madder than Thatcher and more determined to push through their unproven ideology. They must be stopped and the nation must pull together and find some of the courage displayed by these brave service men and women who routinely put their lives on the block for us. We’ve already let down the Coastguards, let’s stop the rot!


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