Posted by: Pete | March 5, 2013

Downing Street Bedrooms a ‘Benefit in Kind’

10 Downing Street

Bedrooms at number 10 that are not occupied for at least 200 days per year should be  taxed as a benefit in kind, according to a controversial think tank.

“There is no reason why the Prime Minister and his or her family, should be subsidized by the taxpayer to live in luxury with more bedrooms than they can possibly utilise; they have another home when Number 10 isn’t required for State business.” Says the report.

Under the proposals, MPs living in London will only be allowed basic single bedroom accommodation at the taxpayers expense. Additional rooms will be treated as a benefit in kind and taxed at the current market rate for the appropriate area in London.

MPs, including the PM, will have the option to rent out spare bedrooms with the additional income going to HMRC if they wish to avoid the tax.

The think tank concludes; “In times of austerity, it is only right that the PM and other politicians should lead by example.”


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