Posted by: Pete | March 1, 2012

Guernsey hits Number 2 spot in USA!

With over 11,000 downloads in February, 6000 of which were in a single day, the novel ‘Guernsey’ reached the rank of Number 2 in both the Historical and Literary Fiction categories overnight. It also reached Number 30 out of all books in the USA on Kindle, there are over 1 million of those.

The number of downloads soared as Guernsey was placed in a free promotion with Kindle.

So why, you might ask, do we offer free promotions?

The reason is simple, books that achieve these high ranks go on to sell higher numbers when the promotions finish. They’re still competing with large numbers of other books, including some real classics, so customers view a high rank as a positive indicator. This was also my way of launching the title as it was only released a few weeks ago, another reason why the results are so pleasing.

Has the vast increase in Guernsey sales impacted sales of Rachel’s Shoe and the The Causeway?

It seems not, both books continue to sell well. As they’ve been out a little while and achieve hundreds of sales every month, there are no plans to include them in the free promotion. My next title ‘Book’ however, will definitely join the free promotions as soon as it’s released. That shouldn’t be too long now, perhaps just a few weeks away!


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