Posted by: Pete | February 3, 2012

Guernsey – Free on Kindle for 2 Days!

The combined novels of Rachel’s Shoe and The Causeway are now available in a single, brand new, volume called Guernsey – Rachel’s Story and this is on offer for two days free of charge as part of the latest Kindle Prime promotion!

Monday 6th, and Tuesday 7th February are the days to get your free volume from Kindle anywhere in the world, if you are an Amazon Prime customer.

Follow your link to get your free copy from Kindle here > >> Guernsey (Rachel’s Story) >> Guernsey (Rachel’s Story)

Acclaimed Books Limited has a number of titles that are being offered over the coming weeks and so far thousands have been downloaded, in some cases taking the title to Number 1 in their genre, on Kindle worldwide!

Previously published as two novels, ‘Guernsey – Rachel’s Story’ draws together ‘Rachel’s Shoe’ and sequel ‘The Causeway’ into a single volume. Nestled in the bay of St Malo, the Channel Islands claim the unique, if unenviable distinction of being the only part of Britain to have been occupied by a foreign power in hundreds of years. Life in the islands during the five years under the Jackboot was hard and freedoms severely curtailed, but the spirit of a teenage Guernsey boy called Tom Le Breton was never dampened. This is the story of a dramatic wartime rescue and the romance that grew between Tom and a young Jewish girl imprisoned on the nearby island of Alderney. The story moves from those dangerous but somehow magical days to the heady 1970s, then onto the eve of the millennium when long-since forgotten events return to haunt a small family now settled on the Western coast of Guernsey. Impregnated with the atmosphere of remote islands and their unique history, Rachel’s Story is about the survival of innocence in a world dominated by obsessions for power and wealth.



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