Posted by: Pete | October 5, 2011

That’s big of the Government!

First they increase student tuition fees forcing thousands of young people into huge debts, then they encourage businesses to increase their debts in a lame attempt to get the economy going, underwriting loans with tax payers money. Today they tell people they should be paying back their debts.

Newsflash … they haven’t got any money to pay back their debts because the economy is on the floor and 2.5 million are now unemployed!

Of course when Labour was in, the Tories wouldn’t accept it was a World recession, so let’s not accept their excuses now for failing to deliver on growth.

But it’s OK, they afford to cut tax to the richest, find billions to give to businesses and overseas aid, and they have ‘found’ £800 million by not increasing council tax!

I should think not, considering the number of council workers they are forcing out of jobs, the libraries, police, coastguards, and other public services they’re cutting!

This is money local authorities would have received, not central government – so making it sound like a ‘hand-out’ is plain dishonest.

Few people doubt the need for cutting costs but it seems the Tories can ‘find’ plenty of money to spend when it suits their political agenda.

But where is effective opposition when you need it?

Not only do we have an inept Government kept alive by an opportunistic coalition, but we now have no opposition party either.  Labour seem equally unable to come up with a strategy for growth in one of the few remaining triple A economies in the world that sits outside the Euro disaster zone as a potential safe haven.

It would be great to see less politics and a lot more substance but the round of party conferences concluding this week just prove they haven’t learned anything yet.


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