Posted by: Pete | August 11, 2011

APOET= Riots + Looting

A = Advertise expensive possessions and the dream lifestyle, whilst those at the top pay themselves more in a month than many earn in a lifetime and huge bonuses for destroying ordinary people’s savings and pensions. Jealousy and resentment soon follow and the belief of a bleak future takes hold – the inevitability of a system that rewards those who help themselves.

P = An attitude to life held by many parents who simply pass on the poor parenting skills they experienced in their own childhood. They didn’t stand much of a chance, neither do their kids, and heaven help the next generation.

O = The lack of opportunity reinforced by political policies that leave the poorest with few job prospects. When savings must be made, somehow the poorest always seem to bear the brunt of the pain, unemployment rises and take home pay diminishes.

E = Price education out of reach to extinguish the hope and opportunities of future generations who don’t have well-off parents to pay their student debts.

T = Then there’s testosterone to add fuel to a simmering fire of discontent.

Systematically discarded, and devoid of the socialisation that reinforces traditional values and morality, these kids look to the streets for their adrenaline fix. No money for the advertised lifestyle but enough for some cans or a high. The gang becomes the family and the sub-culture becomes the only important society.

Something triggers the mob and the excitement of a riot with the opportunity to take what they want sparks in a flash. There’s no rugby, climbing, sailing or skiing to provide an outlet, just the feeling of being part of something dangerous and the ‘knock off’ approved by their peers.

Are we really surprised?

To understand isn’t to condone, and I don’t condone it but strong words won’t prevent the downward spiral that will inevitably lead to moronic behaviour in the future. If we’re serious, we must change the formula. Perhaps something more positive,  H+O+P + E  = Stability at Home but with Outlets for all that energy, and real Prospects for the future through an Education system that supports all young people, regardless of parental income.



  1. You my acquaintance are a genius

    • Thank you Ed!

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