Posted by: Pete | July 27, 2011

Game, Set and Match to Apple!

Not so long ago IBM ruled the desktop and Microsoft was considered the world’s most invincible software company.

Apple Macs? They were just the expense, eccentricities of a few design companies.

I think it’s about time we said ‘well done’ to the company that’s knocked both of the world’s most successful IT companies off their perches. They’ve ‘out marketed’ and ‘out designed’ their way to the top and are now more successful than both their old rivals.

How did they do it?

They remembered that customers come first and they retained a focus on products, whilst their competitors often thought this was the business equivalent of ‘unfashionable’.

Apple’s customer service is fantastic and their innovation in everything from iPhones to iMacs and iPads is first class. However, it’s the whole iTunes domain that will ensure they stay at the top for a long time to come. People, especially the generation with disposable income, want music, movies and eBooks. They want great phones and a world where it all links together and stays in sync. Most of all, they want it to look good and work.

Whilst others have pursued the income streams of service offerings and clouds, Apple have continued to engineer devices that people want to own. That they command a premium price, only goes to prove the adage that people are prepared to pay for quality, you just have to make sure you deliver it.

So who will be next to fall if they don’t raise their game?

The mighty Amazon must now be wondering how long they’ve got in their dominant position. After all, sales of paper books have fallen off a cliff and whilst Kindle rules the eBook roost in 2011, a device that only holds books will struggle against the functionality Apple can produce on a similar sized device with full computing power, that’s totally connected. Let’s face it, everyone thinks Amazon when buying a book today, but what about all their other product lines? Of course, they make impressive sales on many product lines, but who really goes to Amazon first for a toaster or the other FMCG products they’re fine tuned to distribute?

Having deservedly trounced the competition so far, Apple may well now bring down the World’s largest book retailer. As the battle develops it will be customers, rather then executive egos, who will decide the outcome.


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