Posted by: Pete | February 19, 2011

Dare to dream – the ultimate political ‘Hustle’!

Wouldn't it be nice!

Proportional Representation or the nearest it’s possible to get to it has always been somewhat of a Holy Grail for the Lib Dems and maybe rightly so. Without it the party has been thwarted at the polls year after year.

So ask yourself this, if you were the Lib Dem leader, would it be worth biting your tongue and facing the wrath of a disappointed electorate for just long enough to get a fairer voting system onto the statute books?

OK, the proposed Alternative Vote may not be ideal but it’s a huge step in the right direction and once it’s on the statute books, well anything could happen……

“>BBC Election News”

August 2010 The Lib Dem Inner Circle

You loose yet another election and Labour holds out on the key policies you need to prosecute your objectives. The Tories are saying anything to get you on board, you know they will renegue on anything they promise but to do a deal you might get that one vital commitment.

What a game plan it would be to accept a power sharing deal knowing that you would be forced to jettison everything you hold dear, well almost everything. To back down on pledges made to loyal voters, betray a generation of students, support the closure of Libraries, the sale of our Forests, wrecking our world class coast guard stations, and even the ravishing of our NHS. You know the crisis wasn’t caused by Labour – after all the UK economy was never healthier for most of their term in office and the global recession was hardly exclusive to our little island nation.

But maybe it’s worth biting your tongue, ignoring the lack of a strategy for growth, acquiescing when billions of pounds in Government spending was quietly allocated to certain sectors but savage cuts in others were claimed to be non-ideological. As for the pre-election manifestos, well fortunately both sides can point the finger at each other and the Government can do what they like – a distinct benefit of coalition politics (at least for them). The new mandate is whatever they like; which does at least show us their true colours.

But, as Lib Dem leaders, it would all be worth it if you could then spend months preparing for an election to bring down an unpopular alliance as the impact of the cuts is fully realised. Pull the plug at the right time and support for both opposition parties will be at its lowest ebb in years; just as the new voting system will give the Lib Dems their best ever chance of electoral success.

It would be outrageous and bold but the ‘Poodle’ reputation of the Lib Dems would be transformed overnight into that of a Bulldog!


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