Posted by: Pete | December 10, 2009

Reduce Greenhouse Gases to Pre-Biblical times, or else …

What would the world leaders meeting in Copenhagen do if they had a stark ultimatum?

‘Get atmospheric CO2 down to pre-biblical levels within 3 years or face the destruction of the human race’

What if the evidence of this impending disaster in 3 short years was beyond doubt?

Would they be up to it?  Could anyone pull it off?  What could individuals and governments do NOW to ensure survival?

Time will run out, there will be no second chance, delay is not an option.

Passage to Redemption is now days away from completion and promises to be a block buster of a novel.

The Crew have been working non-stop around the world for almost a year and the deadline of 31st December, 2009 is rapidly approaching.

When the pen leaves the final page, a publisher or agent will be needed to get this important eco-thriller out to the public. They will need to be good, time is running out !

The Crew


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