Posted by: Pete | December 7, 2009

Just 24 Days to go on Collaborative Novel!

Almost one year ago a group of writers from around the world embarked upon a unique project to write a collaborative novel.

Unique – because none of the authors previously knew each other and they had just one year to complete the challenge.

The year has been fascinating (a story in itself) and work on the final chapter is now well under way, but the clock is ticking as December 31st approaches! 

The Book as the project was originally known, has seen writers from as far afield as Alaska and Tasmania some of whom have made the whole 12 months, others who for various reasons couldn’t stay the course. As we draw to a close, 11 writers are working hard on the final manuscript. Three from the USA, two from the Britain, one each from Canada, Spain, Turkey and The Philipines, and two from Australia.

And the story …?

All will be revealed soon but the target was to produce a work that lived up to the ambition of the project itself. It will be fiction but with a powerful message that will resonate with the forthcoming meeting of world leaders in Copenhagen and the subsequent activities in the months and years ahead.

Watch this space!


Author of Rachel’s Shoe


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