Posted by: Pete | September 29, 2009

Help an aspiring author!

Rachel's Shoe

Rachel's Shoe


Friends and colleagues, I’m hoping we have a kind of ‘give and take’ relationship  – you know where this is going!

So, maybe you’ve read and enjoyed ‘Rachel’s Shoe’ but writing a great review on Amazon is a bit too much hassle in your busy day – I can relate to that. (It would still be nice though!)  How about something much simpler that also helps me ?

All you need to do is log on to your Amazon account and click the ‘Tags’ that are already there which describe the book. For example, ‘Guernsey’, ‘Fiction’, ‘Novel’, ‘& Channel Islands’ etc.. That’s it!

Here is a link to Rachel’s Shoe on Amazon, please double click and you need to sign in.

This helps people find books when they search on Amazon and hopefully find mine. 

It really would be a great help and the existing ‘Tags’ are all highly relevant.

Many thanks if you can help & I suppose now I’m in the ‘give’ side of our relationship !



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